whole30: week 2

September 12, 2012 § 4 Comments

BAM. Week two done! This week was interesting (read incredibly frustrating and miserable) because we found ourselves struggling financially and unable to really buy groceries like we normally would. So basically I made do with what was in our cupboards and did the best I could, though sadly, I didn’t get as much veggies in as I would have liked. Crazy how much I love me some greens now! And black coffee. Double weird. Anyway, like I said, this week was filled less with recipes and more with snacks in the beginning. Not ideal (or satisfying), but I did the best I could with what I had and told myself next week will be better.

day 8: coffee / fried egg + banana / paleo protein bar / apple + Justin’s almond butter + boiled egg + chili roasted pumpkin seeds (snacks while rafting all day)/ chicken + veggie salad with olive oil + vinegar dressing (restaurant) / banana muffin

day 9: coffee / fried egg + banana / paleo protein bar / left over salad / sweet potato + broccoli / chili roasted pumpkin seeds + banana muffin (snacks for movie theater)

day 10: coffee / green smoothie / paleo protein bar + apple + Justin’s almond butter / chicken enchilada stew left overs / banana icecream

day 11: coffee / green smoothie / veggie scramble + natural pancake / grapes / steak + salad (wedding)

day 12: coffee / green smoothie / grilled chicken salad with olive oil + vinegar dressing / grapes / chicken + veggies + fruit salad

day 13: coffee / green smoothie / paleo protein bar / grilled chicken salad with olive oil + vinegar dressing / grapes / sausage, spinach, + egg breakfast casserole + beets

day 14: coffee / green smoothie / half apple + Justin’s almond butter / breakfast casserole + beets leftovers / pizza stuffed sweet potatoes + watermelon


+ I’m struggling to eat this way for cheap. Though the food itself is cheap, living with a boy means we go through eggs, fruit, and veggies lightening fast, especially because we are addicted to our morning green smoothies. Trying to figure out how to balance this better. Suggestions are welcome (note: we already buy bulk spinach and kale from Costco and shop at Food4Less).

+ I eat too much fruit. Yeah I don’t know what to do about that. It’s my favorite food and it’s the easiest snack. Baby steps.

+ Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out and they will be my demise. I may need to keep a strict distance between Starbucks and myself, lest I spoil everything by being lured into a trance by this liquid crack. I WILL RESIST.

+ I thoroughly enjoy eating this way when I plan ahead and am able to make scrumptious meals. On the flip side, I despise eating this way when I have to rely on snack food in place of meals. If you are attempting this, I highly recommend you take the time to find good recipes and learn to enjoy the cooking process. I have!

+ I’m an idiot for doing this during wedding season. If you could only see the cake I’ve been turning down. Good Lord it hurts something fierce to think about it.

+ I’m beyond blessed to have parents that cook obscene amounts of food for us when we come over for dinner just so we can take home the left overs. Thank you mom and dad! You guys make my belly and heart happy.

Favorite recipes this week: chili roasted pumpkin seeds and natural pancakes.

Anybody else doing this? How’s it going?

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