whole30: week 1

September 5, 2012 § 3 Comments

Holy shiz people. I made it a week. A WEEK! I can’t even believe it. I had to go to 3 BBQs in 3 days this week, so it felt like a true test of commitment. I’m happy to say that I passed the test! I said no to the yummy baked beans, the scrumptious dessert, the homemade pizza, and the bread, and I enjoyed my fruit, veggies, and meat. Best of all, I realized I can still have a good time and enjoy everybody’s company while maintaining my goal. Anyway, here’s how my first week went:

day 1: coffee / green smoothie / boiled egg / chicken + veggie salad + oil+ vinegar dressing / Justin’s almond butter + half apple / sweet potato + kale chicken burger + sweet potato fries

day 2: green smoothie / coffee / boiled egg / chicken + veggie salad + oil+ vinegar dressing (@ restaurant) / Justin’s almond butter / quiche

day 3: green smoothie / coffee / sweet potato + kale chicken burger left-overs / chicken breast + fruit + veggies + guac. (@BBQ)

day 4: coffee / a few bites of chicken + 1/2 banana (before big run) / green smoothie / leftover quiche / sun butter + carrots / steak + beets + fruit (@BBQ)

day 5: coffee / green smoothie / chicken + veggie salad + oil+vinegar dressing / pork chop + fruit + green beans (@BBQ)

day 6: coffee / green smoothie / Justin’s almond butter + half apple / banana muffin / lettuce wrap taco + fruit

day 7: coffee / green smoothie / homemade paleo protein bar / lettuce wrap taco left overs / enchilada chicken stew

Week 1 observations:

+ I did not anticipate the severity of the headaches that would occur the first few days. I never get headaches, so I’m a wuss in that department, but this felt like someone was literally drilling a hole in my brain to extract all memory of sweets and other yummy things from my brain. Detox blows.

+ I was DREADING adapting to drinking coffee black, only to find that I don’t mind it at all. Half way through the first cup I thought, “well that ain’t half bad!” Basically I’m a true coffee addict and I’ll take it any way I can get it. For real, if the whole30 told me to give up coffee, I’d walk away. It’s my deal breaker. Though I have noticed that I crave it less, which makes me realize that half of my “coffee cravings” were simply sugar cravings where I really just wanted the creamer or flavoring. Summary: I still love coffee like it’s my own child but I’ve been drinking it less often. Win win.

+ When Carrie made brownies, I got real close to smell them without asking if she minded if I put my schnoz on her freshly baked brownies. That was creepy. And rude. Must. Still. Act. Like. Sane. Human. Being. Sigh… but good Lord that smell is from the heavens.

+ I’m hungry. Like all the time. And it makes me angry. BUT I feel like I’m finally starting to notice the difference between being actually hungry and simply eating out of habit or boredom.

+ I hate coconut. I KNOW. People get so enraged when I say that. Anyway, this has been interesting in that I’m having to use coconut milk instead of almond milk and coconut oil in lots of recipes. The consensus? It’s not that bad. I still refuse to ever eat coconut flakes. I shudder.

+ Drinking tea at night has become my new best friend and my way to avoid late night mindless eating/snacking. Also it makes me feel fancy, so there’s that.

+ Justin is beyond supportive and helpful. He’s the best partner in crime and I love his guts.

§ 3 Responses to whole30: week 1

  • My mom bought my family cookies the other night that are fresh baked from a bakery. I had such a hard time resisting them. I almost pulled what you craved doing for the brownies too. haha. Thankfully I resisted, but it was one of the hardest things ever, since cookies are a weakness for me. Tomorrow will be 14 days without sweets. I don’t know how I am alive. I love that you actually have listed what you have eaten each day.

  • naomi says:

    You’re inspiring me to try this. If I do, and I hate my life, it will be your name I’ll curse. Also, really liked that tea makes you drink fancy

    • monstercakes says:

      You will most definitely curse my name in the beginning (which I’m totally cool with, so curse away!), but you’ll feel peachy keen in a week or so. : ) Let me know if you try it. Misery loves company!

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